Sunday, July 27, 2014

Fourth of July DIY Burlap Wreath

Happy Fourth of July!
I love our festive 'lizard' that resides near our doorbell.

Ok, I know its way past the Fourth of July, but I wanted to make sure I completed this wreath so it would be ready. I tend to put things off and then only half complete them.

I have a love/hate relationship with this whole burlap trend and working with the material did not help matters. I do love the outcome however, so the jury is still out.

Welcome! Out entry way after a haboob!

I created the wreath after spying some cool ribbon at Walmart and being inspired by all the DIY wreaths out there. I spent about $20 on this wreath. I should have waited for the ribbon to go on sale, but alas, I did not. I did, however, use a killer coupon for the wire frame.

I googled 'DIY burlap wreath' until I found a tutorial I liked the best. My biggest concern was fullness so I went with the tutorial that I felt best addressed that concern paired with ease of project.

I referred to the DIY burlap wreath tutorial from Stone Gable Blog while working on my own. (

I used:
16 in wire wreath frame
4 rolls of burlap ribbon (4in x 10 ft) (1 blue, 3 red chevron)
hot glue gun
black wire

Here is the ribbon I used. Again, it was from Walmart.

I started my creation the way the blog indicated. Here is it after the blue section was mostly complete. I used the blue ribbon for two sections of the wreath and the red chevron for the remaining ones. (Section = the space between the perpendicular wire that connections the wreath rings together)

After it was complete, I hot glued the loose ribbon ends and tied them with wire to pieces of the frame.

Same wreath, interior door.

I am still going to fluff it out a bit more. I have not decided if I want to add any other embellishment, like a last name initial. I think simple works here. I am very excited about the project and even more excited that I had bought more of the same ribbon and can now make a wreath for my sister! :)

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Floatie Pen Collection Display

Floatie Pen Display

My floatie pen collection

Every since I was little I was fascinated with floatie pens. I am not sure how my 'collection' actually started but at some point I realized that I sort of had alot and should display them. As I was searching for a display to purchase, it quickly became apparent that there was no such thing--at least that I was able to locate. So, I made several attempts at DIY displays. One in particular I thought would work, but never turned out quite the way I wanted. (It was using a toothbrush holder. I still believe someone could pull it off, just not me.)

Then it hit me, a picture shelf ledge turned vertical! And I had just the spot in the house to hang it!

Here is how it turned out. I really love it! I have summarized the steps I took to create it. It's super simple!

So, this project turned into an IKEA hack. YAY!  I purchased a Ribba picture ledge from IKEA:

I took that Ribba picture ledge and drilled holes into it that would accomodate the pens. I used some painters tape on the front to mark where I wanted to drill. I also added some of the tape to the back. My hope was that this would save the finish. I was not so lucky. Easy fix though, I painted the center piece front and back a coordinating wall color. I started with a 1/4 inch drill bit and tested the pens and went up from there. I believe I landed on 9/32. A 5/16 may also work. I would advise that you go slow and test a variety of pens after everydrill. For the visual learners out there, here are some pics.

Marks on painter's tape helped me make sure I was drilling where I wanted to.

A little touch paint in the center makes it look fancy I think.

I am very pleased with the outcome and it makes me smile everytime I walk past!



My name is Amy Walsh and this is my first time writing in a blog. I am pretty excited. I do not know all the ins and outs and therefore will keep things pretty simple.

The reason I wanted to start a blog of some sort was that I love to do crafty things. I make things for around the house, as gifts and keepsakes. I wanted to share some of the ideas I have and some of the adaptations I have made to other ideas.

This blog will be a very simple recording of different things that I have done. Nothing fancy. Just want a record of some of the things I have created in case others are inspired to create their own items.

Thank you and I hope you enjoy!